Child Support

No court orders, I have our daughter, not sure what steps I want to take, but for the month of March, Anthony paid a total of $215.00.

That was nice of him.

LEFT-My Birthday Weekend

Moved my stuff out of Anthony’s house, to my sister’s house. I discovered Anthony was cheating on me, and the other woman even had some of her clothes in my closet, at the back, as if I wouldn’t see it. WOW.

As I was moving stuff out, Anthony had come home. I asked him who the woman was, and he was hesitant to tell me, but I coerced it out of him, telling him it doesn’t matter, the damage was done, our almost 7-month-old daughter and I were leaving. He told me it was a waitress at one of his stops, and her name is Coleen. He also told me what stop she worked at.

Happy Birthday to me, huh? It was actually a few days ago, but I’ve been busy, you could say.

This should all be interesting.

February 1993

The first weekend of February, 1993, Keith went to go see his kids. His ex had drawn up some court papers. She wanted him to agree to an increase in support, from $400.00 a month for both kids to $500.00 for both kids.

She wanted him to agree to a visitation schedule of a week for Spring, 4 weeks during the summer, and 2 weeks during Winter.

She also wanted him to agree that her place of residence is WA State.

He did not sign the papers. He was agreeable to the visitation schedule, but not the increase in support and definitely NOT agreeable with taking the kids out of the state. He told her he wanted time to think and seek legal advice. That was on February 5th, 1993. She didn’t care.

On February 20, 1993, she packed up her stuff, and the kids and left with her then fiancé, stopping in Las Vegas to get married. She even sent him two of the same pictures from her happy day.

According to Keith, he saw his kids for 4 days in February. He was denied Spring because ex wife #2 couldn’t afford to send the kids plus they were still getting used to living in a new area. He saw the kids for 3 weeks in Summer, but was denied the two weeks during Winter because she was spending time with her family in San Diego.

According to online records, she and her fiance did get married on 2/20/1993, but according to a letter she wrote Keith’s employer, dated 2/12/1993, she wrote “effective 2-12-93” her new address was WA state and her name had changed as well, as she had gotten married.

Keith sent the kids their Christmas gifts to their new address.