Mo’ Money

The ex called today at 12:53 pm. She left a message for the kids and for Keith. She told Keith she’s waiting for the other half of the check for airfare, that he said he would send it on Friday, (last Friday) and it is now Wednesday.

My Apology Letter to Sitter

“Dear Mrs. R-

My name is Patricia (last name). My husband is Richard (Keith) (last name) and the father of N and L (last name).

It has recently been brought to my attention (July 17th) that I have caused you and your family a great deal of stress and turmoil with my phone call to you on or around June 23, 1998.

I called your home at the request of my husband to verify some information. He wanted to confirm that his name and phone number were in fact, given to you in January 1996, as another person to contact in the event there was an Emergency with his kids, while in your care. This was all the information he was trying to ascertain.

Please accept my sincerest apology, as hurting your family in any way, shape or form, was not my intention and I had NO IDEA that my call to you would have such an adverse affect and be so traumatic for you. I am deeply sorry for this.

Thank you for your time and God Bless You.


Patricia (last name)

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or write. 562-***-****”

July 12, 1998

Another tattletale letter to Keith about what I did, as if he didn’t know. In this latest letter, and, by the way, the ones that I have documented here are the ones where his ex mentions me. Remember, WAY back in early days, shall we say, she told him that in fact, I can “butt out” but she’s mentioned me more often than not. Anyway, continuing, in this latest letter of mentioning me, she tells him that on June 23rd, I had called her ex babysitter, “asking questions to the effect of how (the kids) were being taken care of and other character questions about” her. Did she forget that she had already called on June 24,th telling him on the phone that I had called the babysitter?

Well, no, not true. The truth is, Keith had asked me to call to see if he had been listed as the kids father on the Emergency contact.

However, in this same letter, she said that the babysitter’s husband approached her. She told Keith the husband went to her work to speak to her. She told Keith, in this letter, that the babysitter had suffered a debilitating medical condition, that “left her without hearing and unable to function normally for a very long time,” that the sitter was hardly the same person she knew or who watched the kids several years ago.

In a phone call, she told Keith that the sitter “has not ever regained control or her mind back,” and that “she’s not totally mentally there and hasn’t been for over a year and a half to two years. The poor woman probably doesn’t even remember who my kids are because she doesn’t have her mind there.”

Then in this letter, she tells Keith, “(the sitter) was so upset by this telephone call she drove to my house Wednesday and Thursday, July 1 and 2 1998. She was visibly shaken by the telephone call.” Keith and I thought it was pretty “coincidental and convenient” that the sitter drove to her house on July 1, as that was the was the day new court orders were signed and filed with the court.

The Ex said about me, “Pat can feel rest assured she can embarrass me and my kids.” She continued on, accusing me of causing “some poor woman who is not medically well some stress.”

Regarding visitation, she told Keith that on July 9th she called him, and he yelled at her “While Pat was encouraging you in the background.” Not true. She continued blathering on about visitation, until she wrote, “We never had these problems before you met Pat…it’s not the kids fault that you have another child and wife to support. these kids were here first and your priority is to them… Your wife’s behavior is extremely immature and jealous. I must have something she wants. Tell her to get over it and grow up…If you don’t have any money to pay for airfare how can, you afford the attorney calls made by your wife…”

Keith had assured me it wasn’t me. It was here, remembering back to a letter she wrote to him on 9/29/1990 where she states, ” Thank you for the money. Your letter was a good argument against mine. We can’t even write to each other without fighting.”



J called to say she got the check, for Keith’s part of the airfare. He didn’t pay ALL of the half he owes, but he sent something.

I forgot to get the time, but she called earlier today.

Her Husband Called-WHAT?

SO, HE, the one she says doesn’t get involved unless things get out of hand, called Keith at 9:09 am. He called Keith to ask when Keith was sending him the airfare he owes him, adding, “I’m not a rich man either.”

Huh? Now, Keith owes her husband? I thought this was all just between Keith and his ex, according to what his ex says. Keith didn’t call back.


J called earlier. I forgot to write down the time. She told Keith that I’m the problem.

She told him:

J- and then you got your side of it too, she’s not exactly happy with any of this fucking thing either- I mean, she’s not thrilled with anything to do with me, and that’s what the problem is. It’s NOT the kids fault that you already have another family and two more kids to support and a wife to support. It’s not their fault!

MY GOD…. She wants me to butt out, but she’s CONSTANTLY dragging me back in.

Let The Games Begin

J called earlier. I forgot to write down the time.

She asked if Keith had sent his share of airfare. He told her he hadn’t, and she said,

J- the kids aren’t coming on Saturday.

Keith told her he’s not playing games anymore. Send them or don’t.


Called Anthony about the payment arrangement. He must not be having a good day. He told me he would make the payment but that he was going to pay the past due balance first and then “pay the other one after.” The other ones are the current dental bills he’s been supplied copies of.

During this conversation, he alleged that I “keep bugging him” about all the money he owes me. Not true. We have an agreement in place for past due amount.

By LAW, he has 30 days to reimburse me for these uncovered expenses once I send him a copy of my out of pocket expense.

I told him if he didn’t believe me, to consult his attorney or AN attorney to verify this information.

I told him if I don’t receive these payments accordingly, I would take the necessary steps to get these bills paid immediately.