I got an email this day, from someone asking me if I had seen the ex’s account. Apparently, the ex posted to her friends, under the title, “The bad”

that she has “a stalker and she visits this site to watch me. I apologize to everyone who she may have contacted. She dreams and wishes her life was like mine. Again my friends I am sorry if the (my last name) lady has interrupted.”

She then changed her post to take out my last name. She wrote, “Again my friends I am sorry if someone has contacted you.”

She goes on to tell her friends “yes a female stalker that gets her thrill looking for me on the internet…”

Her best friend writes that “For the world to know” that she is done. She will no longer be a part of that dysfunctional, melodramatic, self serving drama.” Isn’t that rich, since SHE was having an affair.

Keith’s ex then writes and tells her best friend about myself and the woman who told me about this post, that we are “twisted souls lost in the inbetween- most likely they know each other because they envy us and are jealous of who we are. We are free, strong women and they are weak and controlled by their emotions. Karma will get them.”

Her best friend writes and asks the ex if she thinks myself and the wife of the man she was having an affair with knew each other. She goes on to say that she thinks the ex is right, that me and the other woman know each other, and that so now that she has done some “house cleaning” perhaps she “has gotten rid of that demented jealous lost soul.” SO CRAZY that she was having an affair and accuses the WIFE of being a “demented jealous lost soul.”

NO, no jealousy here.

Another one of the ex’s friends says, “Holy Crap a stalker? What the hell is up with that?”

A male friend of the ex’s writes, “What is up with this stalker thing, is it a real stalker how exciting why is he/she stuck on you?” To which she, the ex responds, “Yes an female stalker that gets her thrills looking me up on the internet.”

I posted on the ex’s Classmates notes, the following:


(Her full name) J D R-U;

This note is to demand that you CEASE AND DESIST from further allegations that I am stalking you.

I suggest you STOP IMMEDIATELY, your lies, as malicious, vicious, slanderous and libelous as they are. If you do not, and you continue to your wanton ways, I will be forced to seek legal against against you. (my name.)


I left a second note:


This is NOT the first time I have had trouble with you spreading malicious, vicious, slanderous and libelous lies about me. Over 17 months you have written that I “caused” my husbands death and even went so far as to falsely accuse me of KILLING my husband. You have invaded my personal website and that of friends to spew your lies and venom, and now here you are again, accusing me of being a stalker. YOU couldn’t even be truthful when you signed the guest book at my husbands funeral. YOU had not been a (my last name) since November 1990, when your divorce from him was final. ENOUGH!

*she signed the guest book as her first name, mine and my husbands last name, her maiden name.

I posted those same two letters on my classmates page. I also added a note to my friends that read:

FRIENDS: FYI, if a woman named (her name) writes any of you, please let me know asap. She is my husbands Ex-wife (since 1990) and she has decided it was time to start harassing me again, accusing me of “stalking” her on this website and others. She has written this accusation on here classmates account under the title, “The bad”. I have taken pictures of it and printed it up, should she ever deny she has done this. She has taken to referring to me this time around as “the d*****n lady” (my husbands last name). The truth is, she herself has done that which she accuses me of and yes, I do have the proof. Shortly after my husbands death she sent me an email invaded my webpage accusing me of not only “causing” my husbands death, but of actually “killing” him. She has gone to a friends webpage and invaded there as well, feeling the need to harass me and my husband there with her lies. I do not know why she has decided to start her “craziness” again…now but I apologize to all you in advance if she or one of her “friends” from El Cajon Valley High contact any of you about me. I appreciate your help and thank you! Patricia”

No Show

Showed up to Court with Sarah this time. She knew I would be going and was interested in going, she wanted to see Anthony. I brought her and Thomas with me.

HE did not show up.