She’s too funny. The ex thinks she’s slick. in her email this morning, she wrote, “Want to know your daughter L or your son N- pick up the phone to call. Don’t email. don’t put other people on the phone, don’t have others send things, real simple. Pick up the phone every day for a month and call. You will solve it all with that easy step. I was told by R L at (local hospital) to hit the delete button when you e-mail. You caused such a problem and continue to cause problems for us…I agree with the kids now, don’t e-mail about stuff you nothing about- about kids who you can’t seem to talk to. In fact just leave us all of us alone if you can’t use a telephone.”

SO, to address the first part- “other people” would be my son who called his brother and was hung up on. “Don’t have others send things” would be me. I have sent letters to the kids only to have them returned.

Keith was not happy about what she wrote about the hospital rep. He emailed the billing supervisor later that afternoon to file a complaint against his billing rep. R L. He told the Supervisor he felt it was very inappropriate, unnecessary and very unprofessional for that rep to interfere in something that is clearly none of her business and she is not a party to, other than to collect money for a bill.

He wrote, “Does she even know WHY I emailed my ex wife? I would venture a guess that she doesn’t, but she seems to be of the mind set that she has the RIGHT to tell my ex wife what to do and how to handle the situation between her and I. I emailed my ex wife, because of a concern I have about our daughter. I was NOT expecting to read the email I have attached from my ex wife, and it explained why she refused to answer me.

I appreciate my ex wife sending me this email, and giving me the name of the person she spoke to. I will be forwarding it on to my attorney and letting him know what is going on.

Please speak to R L about her interference. It is not wanted, warranted or justifued. IN fact, it has probably added more fuel to the already out of control fire.

Thanks for your time,

Keith D”