Visitation 1997

Spring- 1 week- GOT THE KIDS! 4/5-4/12

Summer-4 weeks-GOT THE KIDS! 7/11-8/16

Winter- 2 weeks-GOT THE KIDS! Have to sacrifice a few days, from 1/1 -1/3 so that they can spend time with ex’s family in San Diego, and probably with her too as she usually goes to San Diego for her birthday.

Letter From Her Husband

Wow, so the ex’s husband wrote Keith a letter, about ME! 🙂 I made notes in RED off to the right. 🙂 It’s funny though, the things “he” wrote in this letter are things his WIFE wrote to my husband before. Contrary to popular belief, SHE is responsible for using all insurance available to her, which means her husbands, since she is not carry insurance through her employer.

Another letter from HER

Funny, her husband allegedly wrote a letter dated November 22, but she wrote her’s dated Nov. 20, and both were received on December 1.

In her letter to Keith, she responded twice to a letter he wrote her dated November 6, 1997. In the first paragraph, she wrote “I do not have a big memory lapse when it comes to remember money that you say you sent me as well as everything else. It is not every time just before you are to have the kids for visitation that I decide to start trouble by sending letters accusing you of either half truths or made up things to make myself look good. In fact it is quite the opposite, I was responding to the several letters I was sent while you had the kids last summer. Letters I received at least once a week if not more often. Letters that were so harassing in nature I chose not to respond until I had to. I finally had to when you decided it was probably time to look into visitation again. No half truths I remember very well the incidents that happened with the money and if by chance I slip up you are right there to make sure you get your wife to correct me.”

LMAO…good lord.