Yes, I Responded To Coleen

Sent this to her on January 10, 2004-

“Dear Colleen,

I am “writting” this letter so that “we” can get a few things straight.

#1: there is no WE between you and I. My legal business is with Anthony (full legal name) Sr.

#2: Mr. R (Anthony) pays nothing out of pocket for the insurance premium that is offered through his employer. Maybe you should call the Fringe Benefits Dept to confirm this.

#3: What is “duel”?

#4: Mr. R (Anthony) has no business having other children when he couldn’t even support his first two children and complains about supporting his 3rd child.

#5: Don’t concern yourself with my “fat ass.”

#6: I will start the steps this week to get Mr. R to court. Remember, there is no “Us” as my legal business is with Mr. R only.

#7: I hope that the Judge tells me the same thing the last one did as well 🙂 Thanks for your concern.

#8: Go back to school and learn to spell, and learn the meaning of words and the differences between words like, “duel” and “dual”.

#9: Anything you write me, will be used against you and Mr. R.

Should you feel compelled to respond to me, please think long and hard about it. This is my formal notice to you, that while in the process of taking Mr. R back to court, I will also request a restraining order against you. I will no longer respond to YOU.

Have a great 2004,

Patricia (my last name)”

I did get a Petition for Injunction Prohibiting Harassment, started to fill it out, but never filed it.