Senior Frolic 2005 Response

Keith received a response back from the woman he emailed yesterday. She thanked him for his support, and said that if there was something he would like to donate as an item or cash or check is great. She said they can purchase items as the give-aways throughout the evening, and whatever he can do would be much appreciated. She told him that he has a wonderful daughter, that she has had the pleasure of getting to know her over the years.


Keith ended up sending in a $100 money order. I got the money order and sent it off. Keith emailed the woman when he got home and told her that I had sent the contribution in the mail and that hopefully they get it by Wednesday. He hoped that all goes well at the Frolic.

Senior Frolic 2005

Keith had received something in the mail about a Senior Frolic for the graduating class of 2005, his daughter’s class.

The notice said this was “an ongoing tradition in their community to provide a safe supervised place for the seniors to go after the graduation ceremony.” The notice went on to describe more fun, food, bowling, dancing and a “teen friendly Casino” using play money, allowing the graduates to win and play for prizes, until 3 am or later. The announcement said, “Your support in the way of “cash” or “prizes” is what makes this even a success, year after year” and thanked the family member of the students, for their “generous donation.”

Today, Keith emailed the woman who’s name appeared on this announcement. He told her he would like to contribute to the Senior Frolic this year and said his daughter, (her name) will be graduating this year.