June 23, 1996

Around 9pm, for some reason, the EX had the kids call Keith, person to person collect. REALLY? INSANE! WHO does THAT!?

ANYWAY, SHE does, that’s who. Keith’s friend who lived with us accepted the charge. Keith spoke to the kids for about 20-25 minutes.

After he hung up with the kids, he told me that he could hear his ex in the background, badgering the kids. He said at one point he heard her ask their daughter who she was talking to and if she knew “Patricia called there on Fathers Day.” Keith said his daughter said she didn’t know. Keith asked if it was a problem and said his daughter told him she didn’t know if it was or why it seemed to be a problem. Keith was upset that not only his ex had the kids call person to person collect for no reason, but also at the fact that she hung around them while he tried to talk to them, badgering them about things that could wait until they got off the phone with him.

In a letter from the EX dated June 27th, she wrote, “I won’t ask for any money outside the child support I receive by way of garnishment. I thought as their father you might want to help them out periodically with extras. I let them know that is not the case…. I thought as part of their lives you might want to participate with the ritual of getting ready for school.” He was also denied Summer visitation.


At 1:02pm-I called the kids school district to find out if there was a 6th grade promotion for N’s school. The woman I spoke to said she would try and get ahold of someone at the school to find out and will call me back.

3 minutes later, the woman from the district called me back saying that N’s school did in fact have a graduation for 6th graders and she will send a copy of the memo. She also suggested verbally requesting a copy of anything sent to J’s home to be sent to us as well.

Went and got N a card and sending $25 cash to him for graduation.

Birthday Gift

Receive another gift for L and sent it out to her today, Priority Mail. It’s called “Fashion Boutique” and it has all kinds of different things to make hair accessories with.

June 17, 1996

My letter to J-

“Dear Mrs. J U,

My name is Patricia (middle initial, new last name), the wife of your former husband, Richard K. I am currently and presently demanding a written letter of apology for the defaming words and profanity you spoke against me during your very harassing phone call to my home on June 16, 1996 at 818pm…”

I documented in this conversation, J spewed profanities at me, the F word more than once, also calling me a “fat ass” more than once, and that I found it as well as her profanity extremely offensive and uncalled for.

I told her that I expect to receive her letter of apology on or before June 24, 1996 or I would seek other recourse. I also documented that this was not the first time she has spoken to me like this and that the other times have been documented as well. I told her it would be the LAST time she speak to me with such vulgarity.

I ended this letter by saying, “I am hoping that, in the future, if a situation arises again and we are in the position to speak to each other, you do so in an adult-like non offensive manner that does not include profanity. Thank you. Patricia (middle initial, new last name)”

I also FAXED this letter to her attorney, requesting “restraint on personal conduct.”

Fathers Day 1996

Let me preface this by saying that Keith never got his kids for visitation for Fathers Day.

The kids had not called their dad all day. I know Keith was hoping to hear from them, but the day went on and nothing. SO…I called the kids around 815pm, they are now my stepkids.

When the Ex wife#2 answered and I told her who I was, she hung up on me. I called back had to leave a message on the answering machine. I stated I was hoping to give their dad a surprise Fathers Day present by having the kids on the phone. I also stated that I had hope their stepdad had a nice Fathers Day as well, and I hung up.

2 minutes later, the ex called, IRATE. She asked to speak to my husband and of COURSE I said no. She asked, “Where the fuck do you get off calling my home? How the fuck did you get my number when it was unlisted and I did not give it to you! It’s unlisted for a reason. If you ever fucking call here again, I will have my number disconnected and won’t give Keith my new number!” I told her she was legally required to give it to him. She said she wasn’t and wanted to know, “Where does your fat ass get off calling my home?” She claimed that she told the kids to call their dad 3-4 times and it was their decision whether to call or not. Of course I did not believe this. She told me, “Just as you refuse to get Keith on the phone when I call, do NOT ever fucking call my home again!” I asked her why she was using such profanity when there was not reason to, and she said something totally out of left field. She said, ” You and Keith were wrong to send a wedding invitation to the kids 3 weeks after the fucking fact!” We ACTUALLY told them the week we got back, and what we sent them was not an invitation, but an announcement. She continued on to tell me how SICK I was for using the same phrase in our “invitation” that she did in hers when she and Keith got married. I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me to stop acting “so unknowing” and that she would send me a copy of hers. I told her to go ahead. To this day, I haven’t received anything , LOL. At any rate, I told her I had seen the phrase in a magazine and I liked it and used it, so WHAT?

This woman is something else. She then said that I didn’t know when she and my husband were married, so I told her it was around June 2 or June 6th, I wasn’t exactly sure, but I thought more around the 2nd, and that I could look in the divorce file we had if she really wanted me to. All she told me was, “You aren’t a part of this family.” I told her I was part of my husband’s family since May 18th legally, but if she were referring to her family with her husband, then of course not. She said, “Oh yeah, #4 and the only thing that popped into my head and I said was, “well, at least he divorced you.” She told me two more times, “do NOT fucking call my home again” and hung up after the second time.


Letter from L

She dated this one June 7, 1996. It’s postmarked June 11th and Keith got it today.

In this letter, she asked how he was doing, told him it was “92 about?” (degrees) She again wrote, “I am going to see you?” She told Keith she misses him. Then she wrote, “Sarah? How are you doing?” and told her dad she misses him. She wrote, “Love, ” and her full name.

June 1996

I swear, for wanting me to “Butt out,” she sure keeps dragging me in and “Tattling” on me to Keith, as if he didn’t know what was going on. I did what he would ask me to do. One of the things was to keep track of medical expenses for the kids.

That meant I would have to call her husband’s insurance asking for status of claims. So she wrote Keith on June 6th telling him that she was “made aware” of phone calls from me to her husband’s insurance, “recently.” She also told him that she was notified of a claim in 1994 that was finally submitted by me, on May 9th, 1996. Actually it was probably a claim that was not processed correctly. It was either denied, pended or paid. In this case, the claim was perhaps pended, waiting for other information. More than likely something SHE should have taken care of on her end, but didn’t.

She never used the insurance probably. The way it goes, was all claims/bills were to go through Keith’s insurance first, then eob’s were to go to her husband’s insurance, then her’s after they separated and divorced. That’s another story. I digress.

ANYWAY, she again accused us of trying to “obtain information about” their medical insurance or calling to inquire on payments is an invasion of privacy. WRONG. Calling on the status of the claims for her kids, when there is a court order for him to pay half of uncovered medical/dental expenses, is NOT an invasion of privacy.

Another thing that struck us was that she fought so hard for Keith to contribute to child care, back in 1995, and in December, she was awarded $100 per month. By this time, this letter, June 6th, she was already telling Keith that “when the kids aren’t at daycare” she will be reimbursing him the child care funds taken from his check after his check arrives.