Still No Pics-Another Update

Again, will get the pics developed soon! Maybe by then Sarah’s school pics will have been taken.

Hope my letter finds him well and healthy.

Sarah is doing good, she’s back in a youth group at Church. She’s missed two meetings but she gets up so early (5am) every day, it’s been hard to get her there, but she got upset with me so I have to make it a point to get her there the next meeting.

She’s doing real good in school, has to read 10 minutes a night as part of her homework and we have to fill out a reading log. She goes around saying “Mom I know what this says, or that says” She also has spelling every night and has to study her words for an at home trial test. She writes her words 3 times, uses 3 words in a sentence and then illustrates 6 words.

She loves Math, zips through it. She gets all her homework on Monday and does 95% of it Monday night. Her grades are real good. They range from A’s to C’s and once in awhile she will get a C- or D. She knows D’s are not acceptable and knows that she has to bring it up to a C- or C. She tries real hard and I have to praise her for that. We go over her weekly classwork so that she knows what her mistakes are for the next time. She’s a really good girl and tries really hard. She struggles with reading but not like she did in the beginning of the year. She wants to read in class and her teacher says Sarah gets upset if she is not picked to read.

Her health is good, she has a couple more loose teeth that she is anxiously awaiting to come out. At her dental appt she had NO cavities. The dentist told Keith that she is in an awkward stage with her new teeth coming in that every kid goes through, because the new ones are so big but her teeth are so pretty. They are big but they are straight so far. She actually looks like Anthony’s other two kids, more like her half brother, whom I have always thought Sarah looks more like.

She wants to be Dorothy for Halloween, is going to go to a Harvest party and went to a slumber party and didn’t cry. She has cried before when staying at a friends house or her stepbrothers house but this time she didn’t. She said “Mom, I won’t cry. When I stayed at (stepson’s) house, I was 5. Now I am 6 and my legs grew so I am bigger now. I won’t cry.” She didn’t cry. We had gone out with my sis and family and when I called to check on her, her friends mom said she was doing great, playing, laughing swimming, so not to worry.

Take care and God Bless him and his family.

October 16, 1999

Another letter from the ex about that expense- she will “forward the copy of the receipt today for the last lenses replacement. The cost was only $50.00 probably because we just bought lenses.”



Sent N’s cd on 10/8. The package was delivered 10/12 at 2:26 pm.

Sometimes sending things to the kids takes 2 days, sometimes longer. I guess it depends on the mail volume. Weird, but it is what it is.

October 12, 1999

9 days later….9 days…. Keith gets this letter today from the ex. Right off the bat, “(daughter) lost one of her contact lenses.” She says the replacement won’t be paid by any insurance company and the out of pocket expense for it is $75.00 and she “Your prompt payment for half of this will be appreciated.” Can you believe that shit?!

October 3, 1999

A letter this time from the ex. Apparently she isn’t happy again…SHOCKING.

Between August 1999 and this date, the ex has been emailing or writing letters to Keith about a Vision bill and provider. I wasn’t mentioned in any of them until today. The ex wrote that at an appointment for their daughter, she was told “within ear shot” of their daughter about a conversation he had with the Doctor. The ex said she had also been sent a copy of a letter Keith wrote the doctor’s office. She said she and her daughter were “both quite embarrassed to find out what you and your wife have been doing.”

What have we been doing? Interesting. She went on to say “Because of your harassment and your insurance company this has caused an inconvenience to me and to your children…Please be advised that I don’t want any harassing response from you regarding this. I will seek an attorney and file a restraining order.”

REALLY? BRING IT….she won’t. She threatens this shit all the time and has never brought a restraining order against either of us. On what grounds? That SHE isn’t using the insurance properly therefore causing the insurance problems herself because she’s not using providers contracted with our insurance company? Bring it!

According to the FL-192- Notice of Rights and Responsibilities #7 says that if there is a designated healthcare provider, that provider must be used at all times, and if they aren’t, then the expense that would have been paid by the preferred health care provider will be the “SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARTY INCURRING THOSE COSTS.” CHECK IT OUT.