Thank You and Update

Thanked Anthony for sending Sarah’s new care. I appreciated it. Told him we got it yesterday.

She’s good, her first week of school went well. She got a warning for talking though and she got her seat moved. Teacher said she moves seats around anyway often during the school year, it just happened to be Sarah’s turn I guess, she is chatty though.

She also lost another tooth yesterday, a bottom one. She was wiggling it back and forth and said she heard a “crack” noise and out fell her tooth! Her teacher put it in an envelope so she wouldn’t lose it. She’s pretty excited, I guess she knows what happens next…MONEY!

A day before school started I had to take her to the docs. Ear infection and sore throat. She’s not sick all summer then just before school starts she gets sick. She’s on antibiotics, doesn’t like it, but hasn’t missed any school.

I still plan on sending pics, but have to get them developed, probably this week.

Take care and God bless him and his family.