Visitation 1998

Spring- 1 week- GOT KIDS! 4/4-4/11

Summer- 5 weeks-GOT KIDS! 7/10-8/14

Keith hired and attorney and took EX back to court to get set visitations. His set visitation is as follows: 5 weeks in summer commencing 1999 (1998 Summer visitation is 7/16-8/14) 2 weeks at Christmas in alternating years commencing 1999; alternate Easter commencing 2000. If W exercises Easter/Spring Break in her years, H will have additional 1 week in Summer for a total of 6 weeks in summer. W to notify H 45 days before her Easter as to her plans to exercise her right or not. H to notify W of Summer vacation on or before April 1 each year.” and of course, she wants more money so there was that.

Winter Break-Ex’s turn.

November 10, 1998

I always mention the postmark date of her letters is because it makes me wonder just HOW important she thinks her letters are. Does she write her letters, then wait a few days to calm down before mailing them? This letter was postmarked 11/12/1998. It was received at our home on 11/16/1998.

She wrote him to tell him that I called her husband’s insurance company on 11/6/1998 and used her husband’s social security number to gain access to their medical information and then she accused me of telling the rep that I was her kids “mother.”

Did I call her insurance? Yep, for the status of claims for my step kids. It’s neither illegal, fraudulent or an invasion of privacy. Did I say I was their mother? Nope. Never have, would never want to.

It always makes me laugh when she “tattles” on me, as if Keith has no idea of anything. LOL.

Still Calling

The ex called 6 times this evening, between the hours of 5:48pm and 6:43 pm.

1.) J called

P- hello?

J- Hi, is Keith there?

P- No he’s not.

J- Um, did you submit some insurance claims?

P- You need to talk to Keith, want me to have him call you?

J- you know, I called

P- Bye

J- 3 times

P- hung up.


2.) J called again

P- hello?

J- I want to talk to Keith.

P- he’s not here, I’ll have him call you.

J- ok, but that’s what

P- bye-bye

J- you said two days ago!

P- hung up


3.) J called again

P- hello?

J- When will he be back?

P- I’ll have him call you as soon as I’m looking at him

J- NO, I’m not waiting for him to call me, Patricia, I’ve called him 3 days

P- As soon as I’m looking at him, I’ll have him call you . As soon as I’m looking at him, I will have him call you. Bye Bye. I hung up.


4.) J called back

P- 4’s a charm!


P- I will have him call

J- I don’t have time to waste with you

P- I will have hi call call


P- then quit calling me, I’ll have him call you when he gets in.


P-I’ll have him call you, Bye bye


P- I’ll have him call you, bye bye


P- hung up.


Keith finally got home and he called her back. He only called this one time. I was telling him about her 4 previous calls, and how she wouldn’t accept that he wasn’t home. He said, “Oh God…” I asked, “What am I supposed to go, pull you out of thin air?” he said, “that’s right.” LOL I said, If it’s an emergency, take the kids to the doctors!” Keith told me no one was answering the phone. Keith left a message, stating that he’s been busy the last few days, out late, but he did get the message.


5.) J called.

P- hello?

J- can I talk to Keith please?

P- Keith, telephone, bet you can’t guess who it is….

K- hello? hello?

J- want to tell your wife to hang up the other line?

K- she’s not on the phone, what’s up?

J- Oh NOTHING, and she hung up.

6.) J called again

P- hello?

J- Can I talk to Keith please?

P- I laughed, called Keith to the phone and said, “J”

K- hello?

She railed against him, about him and about me and asked if she could take the kids to the doctors. WHAT?! She went on and on about that, then asked him:

J- What kind of drugs are you on? What’s wrong with you?

K- I’m tired of you causing trouble, and tired of how you try to the turn the kids against me.

J- The kids heard me right now on the phone, call Patricia 4 times and having her hang up on me, you tell me what they think about that! You tell me what they think about the fact that you and I can’t talk!

K- well, I wonder why?

J- you tell me…


Another Day, Another Call

Ex called for Keith again, at 6:11 pm.

She left a voice mail.

” Hi, this is J, it is um, 10 after 6 on Monday, November 9th. I’m calling, and this is the 3rd time I’ve called to speak to Keith in regards to taking his kids to the doctors. Please call me back as soon as you get in. Thank you.”


Ex called at 4:43 pm.

P- hello?

J- hi, can I talk to Keith please?

P- he’s not here

J- alright, can you have, tell him that I called. Um I need to ask him if the kids can go to the doctors.

P- absolutely

J- K, thanks

P- bye.


Ex called again at 8:24pm

P- hello?

J- Hi is Keith there?

P- um, no he’s not back yet.

J- when you expect him back?

P- mmm, what time is it? uh, in probably about 20-30 minutes.

J- k, bye

P- uh hm, bye.

November 1, 1998

This letter was postmarked 11/2/1998 and it was received at our home on 11/5/1998.

It is AMAZING how she twists things around. Isn’t that what narcissists do? Is “twist” a strong enough word for what they do? She’s a pro, but she’s not dealing with idiots. She contradicts herself in her own letters, and in conversations on the phone, etc.

SO, during the summer, I was actually amazed at how my 14 year old spoke to his dad, with such disrespect. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, the kids live what they learn. Having said that, as I heard my stepson talk to his dad in the way that he did, I casually told my stepson that, WOW, had I spoken to my parents the way he spoke to his dad, I would have gotten my face slapped. It was just something that wasn’t allowed in my house. I was, quite frankly shocked at my stepson’s tone. WHY did the EX tell Keith that her son told her that I told him “he should have his mouth slapped because of his smart mouth.” She asked, “Is this appropriate?” Well, I didn’t say that, LOL. Nice try at spinning though. Then she went on to say, “how about Pat telling the kids if they had not told me about not having enough seatbelts in the cars for all the kids and yourselves then you would not have to take separate cars to go places as a family.” It wasn’t ME that said that, LOL. I was fine with taking two cars. I preferred it. She said, “I don’t know about what your family means to you but I want to protect my kids from harm as much as possible.” Or really? Hmmm, I distinctly remember the summer of 1995, when she literally, burned rubber down our street in the car with her kids, her own stepson and her husband, because she was pissed off at Keith, but I digress. She continued, “If you don’t care about them wearing seatbelts then let Sara and Thomas ride without seatbelts.”

One funny thing she mentioned was how at the end of their summer visitation, he had the kids ready for her to pick them up. She called him on August 13th, and said she would be at our home between 130pm and 230pm “no later” and to “please be sure that you guys are there at least between 1 and 230 so that I can pick them up and that they’re ready to go…” He did as she asked, but in this letter, she wrote, “Or what about the fact that when I went to pickup the kids you had their bags packed sitting on the tailgate of truck. Were you throwing them out? you made them feel like it.” NO, he did as you asked, LOL.

Can’t make this stuff up.