I don’t know what agreement Keith had with his dad when we moved into his dad’s mobile home, when his dad moved to his new place, but it was between Keith and his Dad.

We moved from the mobile home to a 3 bedroom house that Keith had talked to the landlord about renting, when he delivered mail to the him.


Last Games

(09:50 am email sent to my sister, stepkids and their grandmother)

“Sarah and Thomas had their last games yesterday. Thomas’s was at 9am. If I had to pick 2 games that the Lakers lost, it would have been to the team they played yesterday. They played them twice and lost both times, so their record ended up being 8-2… pretty good for little 5 and 6 year olds! His team had a little party but we couldn’t go because it was at noon and that’s what time Sarah’s game was at, so he got his trophy and certificates right after the game. He was SOOO excited!

Sarah and the Mavericks of course ended the season the way it began, with a Win! They beat the Raptors, 31-6! Sarah did really good, she had an assist. Amazing how closer to the end of the season her game improves! There’s always next season! The Mavericks ended the season 10-0. A friend of hers was on the other team so they were cutting it up on the court, but they were having fun! It got to the point that we were all cheering when the Raptors scored their 6 points!

Her team is having a party next weekend at Golf n Stuff, and we are all looking forward to that! She will then get her trophy and certificate.

I’m thinking in Mid May she will start softball practice, and then opening season, or her first game will be June 15th or there abouts! Still not sure what with Thomas…Karate maybe?! lol! Can you see him doing that? He was my dog “Rex” the other day so ANYTHING is possible! LOL! (Weird Kid!!!)

Tonight both kids are singing in the children’s Church choir!

Have a great Sunday!”


(14:01 email sent to my sister, stepkids and their grandmother)

“well, we missed Thomas’s game this morning since it was at the same time as Sarah’s…AGAIN 😦 at 8am! I got an earful from Thomas about it of course , then his coach showed up at the park we were at for Sarah’s game and he talked to Thomas, which seemed to help.

Sarah’s team won again…37-17. She played real well, caught a few rebounds and passed the ball. She even started to dribble down the court but the ball was stolen from her, she was not happy, but everyone was cheering her on for her efforts! PRETTY COOL! There are two boys on her team who have been nicked named the “Twin Towers”! They are NOT twins, not even related, but they are both big boys, TALL and great players! Another player on her team is in commercials, and Sarah saw him in a McDonalds commercial this morning. That was cool!

Next week is their last game…:-( what a season! They will be getting trophies at that time. The coach was talking to a couple of us parents after the game to see what they plan was for their last game. Nothing was decided yet.

As of today, Sarah’s tea is 9 and 0 (somehow over the last couple weeks, I lost a couple games, but they only played 10 games and Sarah’s team has won 9 so far) If you ask Thomas, his team has won all of their games as well!

This is about it…I did get their pictures today, so we are soooo excited and they are attached. I also signed Sarah up for softball for the Summer! Not sure what we are going to do with Thomas yet, gotta find a summer baseball league for him or something.

Have a great day!

Toodles, P~”

Basketball Update -4-13-02

(17:29 email written to my sister, stepkids, their grandmother)

“Sarah’s coach just called to cancel practice tonight, and told me he missed us at the game! (how sweet!) I didn’t have the heart to tell him WHAT we were doing, but I did apologize for Sarah not being there.

He did say even with 6 players, they won YET AGAIN…24-11 so they are 7-0! Incredible!!! There is practice on Thursday and also us parents are going to figure out what to do for the kids at the end of the season…FUN FUN FUN! There’s only 3 more games left! 😦

That’s all for now!

Toodles, P~”

No Sports Report BUT…

(20:58 email sent to my sister, step-kids and their grandmother)

“Good evening…

Sarah did have a game today, and was all ready to go but she ended up not going so I have no report…not even a score yet! Sorry!

We did have a GREAT day today though! We went to the Lakewood Sheriff’s Dept for a pancake, sausage, scramble eggs breakfast this morning, and then visited their Open House.

While Keith and Thomas did their thing, (Sarah and I lost them for a little bit) Sarah and I took a partial tour of one end of the dept. (the jail side, LOL) and Keith and Thomas tool a tour of the OTHER end of the dept., the Detective side (sounds more interesting actually) They had their horse, and canines and helicopters and fire engines, CHP motorcycle that both Sarah and Thomas got to sit on. I took a picture and when I get it developed I will scan and send them, and all kinds of things.

Sarah, Thomas and Keith rode in the Quakey Shakey School House which was a bit too shakey for me. It was a ride that is assimilated to the Sylmar earthquake of ’71 which was 6.5 magnitude… of course it the “Yogi Bear Earthquake” didn’t last as long as the ’71 but it shook like the ’71 quake did! Thomas and Sarah laughed through it the 2 times they were on it! As they were walking down the stairs to exit…Keith and all his Gracefulness decided to “slide” down the steps! Goofball! They shouldn’t have told him to be careful because right after they said that he lost his footing and slid! He was ok though. I think my dad would be proud to see his grandkids following in his footsteps! LOL!

After that, we drove up the street and around the corner to the YMCA because they were having a “health faire” for the kids mostly. Another fire engine was there, an ambulance company, chiropractors and students from the Bellflower School of Cosmetology were giving free haircuts. Keith of course was butchered,… BUTCHERED! My oh my… the lady did a horrible job on his hair, but he came home and “shaped” it up…yikes! Sarah had someone trim her hair and it came out a lot better than Keith’s! She had her split ends cut off and a little more, but it is still long.

All in all, it was a great day! Hope you had one too!

Toodles, P~”

More BS from Keith’s Ex About Anthony

I wrote Anthony yesterday and enclosed more letters between Keith and his ex and I, between March 8th and March 11th. I told him I hated dealing with her and avoid her as much as possible, like the plague actually, reminding him that whatever he decides to do, Keith and I are behind him.

He received this letter today.

Today in Sports…

(1800 hours- email sent to my sister, my step-kids and their grandmother)

“Hi Everyone,

it was another day of basketball and another set of EARLY morning games, both Sarah and Thomas had games at 8 am. I went to Sarah’s and Keith went to Thomas’s.

Keith said that in Thomas’s game, he got elbowed right on his face, his cheekbone to be exact, and he never cried. (Tough Guy!) He also said that Thomas was making nearly all his baskets in warm ups this morning, and wondered why he wasn’t given the ball during the fame. He is a hustler, that’s for sure! He is now taking a nap! LOL!

In Sarah’s game…Well, I am having visions of her softball team, Purple Princess Bombers! That great team went all the way to the Championship and won. The Mavericks are 6-0 and with todays win! They beat the Kings, 41-11! 41-11! FORTY ONE TO ELEVEN! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! That is their highest scoring game yet!

Sarah did real well today, got a couple assists and a couple of rebounds but passed the ball to another teammate right away. Her coach told her to just try and make the shot next time, and she tried, bless her heart and got way-laid. by the other team! She got knocked down sideways, landed on her left knee first then her side was out the rest of the game, about 10 minutes or so. She could hardly walk earlier today, but the swelling has now gone down and it’s a little bruised, but she is fine. Another teammate took her free throw shots, and made one out of two, and all the boys (she was the only girl on the team today) kept asking her if she was ok. She liked that a lot.

And THAT is the D’s sports reports for the week… next week Thomas has no game, and Sarah’s is at 11am (Thank God! LOL) at Sims Park.

Toodles, P~”