Keith had to laugh at her response. He wrote back, “ignorance sure is bliss isn’t it? I bet you had a field day with this to the kids didn’t ya!” and just laughed.

Stepson’s Senior Pics

MAN. can’t believe it’s Graduation time already!

The ex wrote about his senior pics. and she paid $330 for the package, each sheet is $10. She went on to explain that one sheet is an 8×10, one is 2 5×7’s, one is 8 wallets and she got a 10×13 for herself that cost more than a sheet.

She let him know what announcements are $100 and “only person with tickets can attend” and that she has several people waiting for tickets so if for some reason he cant make it, let her know.

OH WHAT…she says, “Congratulations again on the purchase of your new home I am sure our kids and your kids will be delighted. Too bad you didn’t tell the kids sooner. (her name)”

WTF that means, LOL…

New Info

Keith had sent our new address to the ex.

The ex responded with “Congratulations on the purchase of your new home. No wonder you could not afford to see the kids at Spring break.”

GEEZUS, is she for real? He was DENIED Spring break and it was her year to have the kids for Spring Break anyway, LOL…GEEZUS….