Q & A -When there is no reconciliation with your child!

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Living with parental alienation when there is no reconciliation with your child can be a difficult and painful experience. Here are some strategies that may be helpful in coping with the situation:

  1. Seek support: Reach out to friends, family, or a support group who can provide emotional support and understanding. It can be helpful to talk to others who have gone through similar experiences and can offer empathy and practical advice.
  2. Focus on self-care: Take care of yourself by getting enough sleep, exercise, and healthy food. Practice self-compassion and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.
  3. Manage your emotions: Try to manage your emotions in a healthy way, such as by practicing mindfulness, journaling, or seeking therapy. Avoid engaging in negative self-talk or becoming consumed by anger or resentment.
  4. Set boundaries: If your ex-spouse continues to engage in behaviors that are harmful or disrespectful, set clear boundaries to…

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I Can Relate



Truth be told, Keith’s ex wouldn’t care if I died, in fact, she may be counting the days so she could CELEBRATE and be vulgar.

Tommy Lee’s wife, Brittany was describing Keith’s ex as well, so it may have been “a joke” to her, but it’s not a joke in my situation. My son has half siblings with the ex. They have not seen in him nearly 18 years.

THIS is what Keith’s ex wrote to me March 14, 2002, (page 2 of 2)”I will be sure to piss on your grave and make sure it says that you wasted your life being a bitch and getting into peoples business, not to much ruining dicks relationship with his entire family….”


As we were driving in Hollywood today, trying to get a good visual of the Hollywood sign, driving up Highland, my daughter said to me, “I can see you living in a house like these…”

NOW I have to get a plan together to get there.

I did however capture my own pics of the Hollywood sign, I didn’t have use a stock picture from the internet, or anyone else’s picture. I got one myself! I was so excited!

Another one from Today

Dept of Labor

They have screwed my fiancé like crazy! He’s lost income and he’s lost his health insurance. It is such a MESS, his Workers Comp providers are going to do what they have to do, they are NOT happy with DOL at all. No one is. DOL kept telling him for MONTHS he would be receiving a check, and he never did, and he was told that he would receive a letter, and he never did. MY GOD, to be lied to and have your livelihood messed with like they have done with him, is absolutely stressful, uncalled for, unprofessional, almost life threatening. I am very angry at them for that.

THANKFULLY, my fiancé’s Medicare kicked in today, and he found that out when he was in the ER. He had to get a test done to get a refill on his rx.

HOPEFULLY that small, yet major step forward is a good sign, because it’s been a rough time lately.

Hope you are all having a great new year thus far!



What a Surprise it is! I received a letter from my daughters Aunt on January 5th. She is one of the oldest girls, and she was a twin, but her twin passed away a few years back. This letter included the last two years company business Christmas letters. Really cute! ANYWAY…

She wrote my daughter and I. It was a really sweet letter and the first “real” response I have ever gotten from anyone on Anthony’s side of the family.

She wrote: “Dear Patty and Sarah, you have been so faithful in sending (her husband) and I yearly Christmas card for may years in spite of the fact that I have never responded and I am ashamed of my neglect. Believe me, when I receive it, I have good intentions of writing you, but am sorry to say that every year when the season is over, I move onto things I had neglected over the years. This year was going to be different. I put your card besides me bedstand and reminded myself daily and here I am finally.

I do admire your courage in sending us a card in spirt of us never acknowledging it. I would love to see both of you or at least visit on the phone so that we can catch up. My phone number is…. How old is Sarah now? How are you doing Patty?

In closing, I want to tell you that my wonderful brother Anthony would love to be able to have a relationship with Sarah. He’s a good man, but made bad choices. If you vie me permission, I would be happy to give you his phone number and he can get to know Sarah. I believe there is nothing better he would like. Or I can give him your number. Its all up to you.

Happy New Year Patty and I look forward to hearing from you.”

and she signed her name.

What struck me is I can hear her saying this, with her accent. 🙂

My daughter, on her biological father’s side of the family, is Chinese, Portuguese and Malaysian. 3 out of the 5 siblings were born in Hong Kong, and lived in Macau.

I did call this sister. It was really good to speak with her. We spoke of her mom, may she RIP, I knew she had passed away, we spoke of her husbands business, car sales, been in business for 39 years, how she will be this July, I can’t believe it!

She was under the impression that Anthony was “very good at paying child support” LOL. That gave me a chuckle. She told me that he was heavily influenced by her twin sister and their mom. She said, “People change, mature. Do the wrong thing then do the right thing” and that’s where her brother is. He’s sober now, has been in a long term relationship. She did not speak kindly about either of Anthony’s ex wives, which surprised me about the first ex, but I wasn’t surprised about the second ex, the one he left me for. All in all it was a good conversation. She said her brother didn’t know she wrote me, or what she said. I asked how he was and she said that at her age almost 83, she’s in better health than he is that when he was fired from his job, he couldn’t get another one because of a situation that happened him and his second ex and her son that got him arrested, so he had been doing handyman work, but now, it’s hard for him to work like he was. That saddened me, but then I thought, “THERE IT IS!” he’s not in a way health wise. Makes me sad. I wish him the best, but since my daughter will be 30, a relationship with him NOW, is all up to her. I’ll be here for her of course. Not sure she will go for it because like she said, after she read this letter, “Why now?” He’s had plenty of opportunities, and never took them.

We’ll see.



Prayers for Damar Hamlin

This was horrifying to see while watching the game. 💚💚🙏🏼💚💚🙏🏼💚💚 to see Damar Hamlin tackle Tee Higgins, get up then fall back, was absolutely horrifying.

I was talking with my fiancé about something while watching the game, and I whispered, “God, I hope he’s ok!” I had no idea CPR was being performed on him due to the prayer circle around him, but I’ve been an emotional wreck since it happened.

PRAYERS for everyone, especially Damar Hamlin. 🙏🏼🙏🏼💚💚🙏🏼🙏🏼💚💚