December 7, 1998

This letter is dated, 12/7/1998, and it was received today, 12/12/98.

Still on the insurance kick, she writes, “You have absolutely no reason to contact my insurance company. All problems or questions are to be addressed to me so that I may contact my own insurance. Your wives impersonation of the children’s mothers is a prime reason for that as well as my insurance information is private and none of your business. Your telephone calls to (her insurance) were on 11-6-98. I did not receive the E.O.B until the 10th of November- NO reason to call-“

His wives? WIVES? LOL…Isn’t bigamy against the law in CA? WA?

She wrote, “No apology is necessary except to the (her kids names) for the poor excuse you give for not wanting to take care of them unless you are living with them. What an advantage the children living in your home have because you undoubtedly care for them without question.”

When I looked her up on the internet to learn about her, she is involved in the Kiwanis club, President of the club even, and she talks about kids like this? If she does it against mine, it’s not a far reach in believing she’s done it to others. In fact, I know she has talked about her sisters kids.


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