November 4, 1999

Another, “tell me you’re ugly without telling me you’re ugly” line.

The ex sent Keith an email this morning at 12:00am. She’s now accused him of holding on to claims. Isn’t THAT the pot calling the kettle black. GEEZUS.

ANYWAY….the second paragraph she wrote, “Don’t you have enough to worry about with your sickly family.”

What a bitch she is.

She also accused Keith of being the cause of the kids losing their benefit of earning miles from her husband. She said her husband was helping the kids. Earlier though, in previous emails, she said that this had nothing to do with Keith so how did he cause this? Secondly, she also stated she was getting a divorce from her husband, so I’m SURE that had more to do with the kids losing this “benefit” from her husband than anything Keith (or I) could ever contribute.

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