October 9, 2001

Yesterday, Keith emailed his ex telling her that “Children learn what they live” because of her “FO” comment.

He said “you telling me “FO” and I know exactly what you are saying in this email as well as all the others in which you cuss me out not to mention all the phone calls you have made to my home as recently as when the kids were here, along with the fact that (daughter) has taken up cussing at me in emails…”

The ex wrote back one sentence. “Then this would explain why your children are brats and cry whenever they don’t get their way.”

Remember, this woman has works with the public, is/was involved with KIWANIS and this is how she speaks of another mothers children? WHY is she attacking MY kids? They have nothing to do with this. They are innocent in this. Keith told her this.

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