SOS Different Day, New Year

This lady, MAN, she can tell Keith that I can “butt out” and she can say that she doesn’t want me writing or calling the kids, or be around her kids, but she thinks she can talk about me and mention me EVERY GD time she writes Keith. What is her DEAL?

January 27th, today, she writes Keith and says that she “has not caused friction between him and the kids,” that HE “has managed over the the course of 12 years to do this” with his actions, “your wife’s actions and just plain not listening to who or what your children are.”

SHE wouldn’t let him talk to his kids about anything, SHE was their mouth piece, already putting it in their heads that he wouldn’t listen to them so SHE had to speak for them. When she DID allow them to speak to him, they would parrot what she said, mostly their daughter would, and when it came to just talking with them about what was going on, Nothing was going on and nothing was new. He’d hear from his EX at times what was happening, of course bringing up the prices of things they are involved with, and if he would ask the kids about something she said, she would accuse him of invading their privacy, or being nosey, or whatever. INSANE!

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