Harassment Charges

Does she really think she has the power to scare Keith/us? She sent him an email a little bit ago, 9:53pm to be exact, with “Harassment Charges” as the subject matter.

She told Keith, “I have hired a local attorney and have begun the process of filing harassment charges against you.

Do not send any emails or mail to me- do not call or contact me in any manner.”

That was it. LOL

At 10:04 pm, Keith forwarded it the email to her attorney and his at 10:04pm saying, “So, this is why she refused the mail today. I have no idea what grounds she has for doing this, she has none as far as I am concerned. So I still need to know where to send payments of child support and arrearages go.”

Then Keith wrote HER back at 10:10pm, “Good, I look forward to reading the (false) accusations and responding to them. Thanks for the heads up. Until then…. Keith”

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