Landslide In Laguna Beach

Amongst other things, Keith emailed his oldest daughter at 11:57am and told her that he hoped the landslides haven’t affected her or her home.

She emailed him back at 12:08 and said, “A little late for your concern about the landslide and our home, but yes, thanks, we are just fine. I don’t like emailing you, so if you ever want to TALK, feel free to call me.”

He emailed her back at 12:25pm and said, “I had no idea there was a time frame/limit on concern.” He told her it seems things haven’t changed (with her), but he was shaking it off, and if she was wondering what that meant, that it was a reference to a story in the Bible.

At 1355 she emailed him back and she was “glad to hear it. I’ve been shaking it off for 32 years. Join the club of 4.”


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