On another episode of Classmates Feud…. LOL…. SO, the ex responded to her one friend that commented on her stalking notes. She told this friend, “thanks for the support.”

I had read her note from yesterday about the things you see. I copy pasted it onto my notes and wrote: “Friends, the above was written by my husbands ex wife to her best friend. J (the ex’s name) started (or in my case, has decided to continue) her harassment and accusations against me on or around June 23, 2009, however I was just made aware of it June 30th, in two emails sent to me. I contact both my and her local police dept. regarding her continued harassment. I posted the “enough” and “Cease and Desist” letter on her classmates profile due to the fact that the two email addresses I have for her are no longer good. I also included her local pd in the email. She has since deleted the posts I sent her and the above was her response. As instructed to do so by the police dept, I will continue to “document, document, document” her harassment.

I have nothing to do with her and certainly do not stalk her. As requested before, if she or her friend B (M-U) (bestfriend’s name) or any of their friends from El Cajon Valley High contact you, please let me know asap. Thank you in advance for your help! Patricia”

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