So I was expecting to get back everything from the Process Server, thinking they were unable to serve the girl.

Turns out, they served her.

It was either July 13th or 14th when I let the social worker and those involved (except for the Mom) know that I had started the process of filing for an R/O.

On 7/22, I sent attorneys, social worker, and DCFS an email letting them know the TRUTH as I knew it, since the social worker wasn’t quite forthcoming in her report to the court. I also stated that it seems the Mom and teen have been tipped off because their house is locked up like Fort Knox, and they are not answering the door. I had also let the Process Servers office know my opinion.

Suddenly, on 7/23 at nearly 630am, she, the teen was served, in the presence of her mother.


Let’s see what happens when we go to court next week.


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