Real life. If we are having a conversation, and suddenly the answers to questions I ask are met with “I don’t know…” That tells me the conversation is done.

A hard lesson to learn is that some jobs don’t accept “no call, no show.” not even once. Just because it was done in the past and one has gotten away with it, doesn’t mean one will get away with it forever. Learn the lesson.

If one was supposed to go on vacation, and ended up not going on vacation and your boss says, “Oh good, come to work then…” it’s not an attack. Maybe they are just looking out for you. Not everything is an attack. If you need money, and your plans changed, why not take a couple days off for mental health and then go back to work? If not, fine, but not everything is an attack, especially if one asks to borrow $100. Right after going back to work.


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