Ways To Prove Parental Alienation

Very good information. I understand why “syndrome” is used when it comes to PA. Syndrome, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as “2: : a set of concurrent things (such as emotions or actions) that usually form an identifiable pattern.” 


I believe that Dr. Douglas Darnall, Ph.D. was spot on using this term when describing what PA Syndrome is in his book “Divorce Casualties: Protecting Your Children From Parental Alienation” 


I cracked up today at work. We were watching Princess and the Frog. I had seen it before, years ago, but I had forgotten about this character… RAYMOND!!

I have found RAYMOND! 😂😂😂😂 THIS is Raymond!

This is in reference to my post yesterday re: my landlord. 😊😂😊😂

Angels Watching Over Me

Rent is PAID IN FULL, with a $4.00 late fee in a separate money order. Thank you to my Earth Angels for their help!

Yesterday, the landlord told my fiance that a late fee will be attached starting from the 1st. He showed him a copy of the rental agreement. He also said “they” want to get rid of the rent late fee and all of that “courtesy” stuff (grace period). He didn’t say “courtesy” but he say he wanted rent on the first and that’s it. ANYWAY, starting the late fee from the first didn’t sound right to me, so when I got home, I looked through all my rent folders, and sure enough, landlord was not correct. I’ve never paid a late fee in 20 years.

SO, after I was sent the rest of my rent by one of my Earth Angels, I got up and got ready to go to Walmart to get money orders. I don’t pay by check because the landlord has a habit of holding on to them, as it had been my past experience with him. But I digress. I got to the Walmart Super Center near me and wouldn’t you know it, the money order machine is down. SO, I drove to the Walmart Neighborhood store and it was the same situation there. I can feel frustration setting in. I called Albertsons. I asked if their customer service was open and would I be able to get money orders. The woman that answered said yes, that they open at 10am. THANK GOD!! I went home, made two copies of the front page of my rental agreement and underlined IN RED, what it said about Rent and Late Fees.

I got to Albertson right at 10am. The manager that I knew, because my son had worked there, said she would be out in a minute. It was like 20 minutes later, but I digress, LOL. The manager apologized profusely, for which I said it was ok. 🙂 We took care of business, she ALSO told me Customer Service is usually not open on Holidays, but she wanted to be helpful! When I called, she didn’t mention it. When I spoke to two other managers, who I knew, they never mentioned it. It was only an employee that I know that told another waiting customer that they are usually not opened on Holidays. I was surprised, apparently I had forgotten in the two years or so that my son left, but this ANGEL helped me get what I needed.

As I got back home, pulling into the driveway, I see landlord walking to his house from his brothers, who was closing up his garage. I parked my car in my driveway and immediately walked down to my landlord house and rang his door bell. He answered VERY jolly, saying, “HI Pat!” I noticed his change of attitude, but didn’t acknowledge it. I asked, “Are you going to be home?” He didn’t hear me so I had to repeat it, “Are you going to be home today?” for which he answered, yes, he would be. I told him that I had just gotten home from the store with money orders for my rent, I needed to fill them out, make a copy of them and then bring it down to him. He was shocked! He looked at me and said, “You got money orders today? I didn’t think they’d do that today” and I replied, “I’m Blessed”. Where’s the lie, right? I got Angels watching over me! ON GOD…

SO, I highlighted my rental agreement, got all my papers together, made copies, yadda yadda yadda, and walked down to my landlords house. I told him I had my rent, and a separate money order for the $4 late fee. I guess I confused him, he asked, “late fee? you didn’t include it in the rent did you?” I said, “no, it’s a separate money order.” He couldn’t believe I paid the late fee! I said VERY DIRECT, “You told me and Kai yesterday that I would have to pay the late fee starting from the first!” He just shrugged and scoffed, as if to say that it was just something to say, that he wouldn’t have charged me. I was PISSED! I said, ” Look, I would like my receipt please. ” and he said, “OH, come in, Pat.” I said, “I don’t need to sit and chat, the way you treated me yesterday, after 20 years, I need my receipt for the late fee.” I went into his house as he wrote my late fee receipt out, and again he said, “have a seat, Pat.” I said, quite emphatically, “No, thank you.” As he was writing out my receipt, he asked, “do you have Frontier? Are you going to get it? Do you want it? Raymond next door has it.” I said “NO.” and in my head I’m asking him, “and who THE FUCK is Raymond?” I don’t know who Raymond is. I got my receipt and said thank you. He asked me if I wanted the copy of my rental agreement that I gave him. I told him no, that I have my own copy, that he can add it to my file, and I walked out, quick, fast and in a hurry, politely closing his front door and security gate.

Back story to Frontier…in the past, Landlord and I have had decent almost friendly convo’s about Frontier Cable and how long it’s taking for us to get it. I say “almost friendly” because I am always on edge, guarded, when he decides to talk to me. I just never know how he is going to approach me. It’s crazy, one time Landlord gave my fiance shit because his sister had parked in the driveway in front of my fiance’s house (we live right next to each other) and after my fiance came back at him and spoke his piece, the landlord fucking APOLOGIZED TO HIM! That has NEVER happened with me. I have documentation over 20 years worth, of harassment from the landlord and never ONCE has he apologized!

ANYWAY… My fiance is thinking the landlord’s change of “attitude” towards me was due to his conversation with him last night. One of my Earth Angels said that landlord “can’t this over your head anymore. He had a good 24 hours of excitement. He was probably getting anxious on how he was gonna serve an eviction notice to you, and then out of nowhere…BAM!!! Here’s my rent (landlord’s name)” It’s probably a combination of both, LOL.

I’m going to go make some lunch so I can get something in my tummy, because I think I deserve a glass or two of wine!

If you celebrate the 4th of July, and even if you don’t, enjoy your day, stay safe!!!



REFUSED Partial Payment

Isn’t that some shit….first time in 20 years I don’t have my full rent, and my landlord refused to accept what I have. Isn’t that a kick in the pants. He had the AUDACITY to tell me, “I’m not accepting partial payment, there’s too much trouble with that.” I said, “It’s the first time in 20 years,” and he repeated himself and just stared at me like he was the SHIT….

TRUTHFULLY, he has been waiting for those words from me since November 30, 2005, the day after my husband died. I don’t think he likes women or kids. He has ALWAYS taken issue with me, undeservingly so and I have documented everything.

HELL, on January 21, 2022, he sent a letter to at least two of his tenants, me being one of them, stating that we can’t pay in $20 dollars anymore. He will accept increments of $50, $100, and $500. Shit, I’ll just share the letter:

I only had $20’s as well, but since he didn’t take it, I guess I can exchange them for $100’s or a money order when I get the rest of the rent. I had counted the $20’s out into stacks of 5 and put paper clips on them.

This is just fucked up. first time in 20 years and he treats me like this. It’s cool, like I said, he’s been rotten to me since 11/30/05, but Karma will catch up to him.

In the meantime, I’ve learned a very important lesson, and I am figuring out a way to take care of what I need to, ASAP.

Have a great evening everyone!