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How damn horrible to waste the courts time with this. How horrible that Elaine Bredehoft has to continue down this road, when she clearly knows differently about her client, otherwise, WHY would she constantly have to ask leading questions from her? SMH, I’m sure there are REAL PEOPLE out in the world that don’t get this treatment, or don’t get this opportunity to appeal their cases because they lack the funds to do so. I’m sure there are real people who CAN prove defamation and abuse in ANY form, but can’t present a case because the statute of limitation is up. I am SO GLAD Johnny Depp won his case in VA. I HOPE Amber Heard is charged with Perjury in the AU case and that the UK case is overturned, because listening to those recordings between the two, were so triggering and it wasn’t Johnny that was abusive. SO many times, listening to those tapes, I was taken back to when my late husband and I were dealing with HIS ex and her false allegations against us, and her harassing phone calls to US and HER false police report that COULD have gotten him arrested for kidnapping. Not only did she do all this and perjure herself in court papers, she signed a legal document from the post office as Paris Hilton. She even went so far to post on a public blog, in 2006, 3 months AFTER he died, that she divorced him for abuse! WTACTUALF!? Years later, she accused me of being a stalker, that I follow her online. A woman that knew of her best friend sent me a message regarding it, that’s how much of a stalker I am. I had no idea, nor did I know the woman that alerted me about it. I have a blog about it all. SO, Elaine and Amber’s crap going on here is SUCH A WASTE of TIME. Yeah, I’m MAD, My husband has been dead for 17 years and it took this trial to bring up my anger like this. My husband died 4 months after his last child support check was paid. He died suddenly and unexpectedly, without warning, in the blink of an eye. RIP, Keith. I will NOT remain quiet so OTHERS can be comfortable.

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Happy July 3rd…

I hope this post finds you all doing well. I’m thankful for everything, but at the same time, I’m in a FML kinda mood, ya know?

Everything is so frustrating to me right now. Life, the world, the SCOTUS decision on Roe v Wade, gas prices, EVERYTHING prices.

I make decent money, yet, it is still not enough to survive. CRAZY. I am in the process of filling out applications online to get a part time job so that I can freaking LIVE a little. pay my bills, pay off a credit card sooner, because I had to use IT to buy groceries. I pay $300 +/- a MONTH in gas to take care of some responsibilities, and I only live maybe 2 miles from my job, ONE freaking way! I mean, I know where the gas goes, and I recently made a comment to someone that I am going to start driving their truck so they can pay for gas because I can’t afford it anymore. I HATE living like this.

When I was married, it was tough, yes, as my husband paying child support, and while I was working, I was only making a thousand a month and 1/2-3/4 went towards the lack of funds lost to child support. That’s FINE, but my point is, even then, while money was tight, we were surviving. It got to the point that in 2003, my husband said I didn’t have to work anymore, I could stay home with the kids, it’s what he wanted as well, that he had about a year and a half left of child support and then we can BREATHE and do a little traveling, nothing extravagant, but do what we wanted. Wouldn’t you know it, 4 months after he pays his last support check, at the age of 56, a little less than a month before his 57th birthday, he dies, suddenly and unexpectedly. GEEZUS. Quite frankly, I never really gained my footing back. I’ve tried, and was doing ok. I couldn’t slack because I had two kids to raise, who were 8 and 12 at the time. Any money I got as his beneficiary, went to raising my two kids, a roof over our head, food in the house, a car to drive to get them too and from where they needed, all that. I thought it was hard then….

I’d rather go back in time, live like I did then, and still be doing ok. Now I’m making more money and can barely survive. WTF?? That doesn’t even make SENSE.

ANYWAY, anybody else feel this way? Anyone else struggling? Have a rough time of it? Leave me a message, I’d like to hear from you, about how you are, how you handle the stress you’re going through, and what some of your “survival” skills are, just to get through this thing called life…

Who’daThunk that at my age, 58, I’d have to look for a second job just to make ends me?