Here Come’s Another One

Hi Amanda….AGAIN…

As a matter of fact, no it isn’t tough being me at all. I am happy in my skin, but it doesn’t seem like you are happy in yours. Actually, no, my life is NOT you all. I haven’t spoken to N in years, and the last time I spoke to you and your brother was at the wedding in 2004. I did email you in 2005 in regards to something you said to my husband about me and that was it. Other than THAT, I really didn’t allow you to rent space in my head. 🙂

It’s so funny! Why are you and J so hung up on talking to my Pastor? I say GO FOR IT 🙂 I have nothing to hide.

Well, you would be wrong about my first response to your email. In that email I said… Hey Mandy! Great to see you, pleasant as always, LOL…having a bad day are ya? trouble in paradise? Married life not what you thought it would be? Glad you FINALLY found someone to settle down with. I hope it lasts a lifetime for ya!

Thanks for stopping by myspace. Take a chill pill and relax, sounds like you need it 🙂


Your personal life really isn’t a concern for me. I just hope it didn’t scar your son too much, living with the different men you did, that’s all.

Actually Amanda, your email to me sounded quite bitter, and since I had not any contact with you for nearly a year, your email was really out of the blue. Thanks for thinking of me though, LOL…My marriage was just fine, thank you. 🙂 Never a dull moment. 🙂 Never a lonely moment. I am not a ‘needy” person as you seem to be Amanda. I don’t have the feelings of abandonment issues with my dad the way you did with your’s.

I keep in contact with a few of members of my “dead husbands family” and that is perfectly fine with me and my kids. THOSE members I keep in contact with obviously MEAN something to us, and us to them. Sorry you have issues with that, but those are YOUR issues.



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