Wrote Anthony

Earlier today, I wrote and sent him a letter regarding Coleen’s “note” to Sarah’s pediatrician. I wrote, “Anthony, I am writing to inquire as to whether you even had a chance to look at this bill or not before your “girlfriend” decided to take matters into her own hands and respond to it.

I have no idea why she feels she needs to be involved. This is a matter between you and I. Your “girlfriend” needs to have a reality check. Just because she crosses off your name and address on this bill and changes Sarah’s last name to mine, doesn’t make it a done deal.

It is quite amazing how it was convenient for you to acknowledge Sarah as your daughter when you claimed a hardship to (ex wife)! Now when it’s not convenient, for you, because you have a “girlfriend” who doesn’t want you to have anything to do with your children, you deny Paternity!! I’m surprised you haven’t denied paternity on (daughter and son)!! It wouldn’t surprise me if and when you do though! Does Jerry know you denied Paternity?

I have enclosed a copy of the bill that you are responsible for, plus a copy of the note your “girlfriend” wrote to the office and I need to advise you that I immediately took both of these things to your attorney’s office, so they could have copies for your file. I believe Jerry needs to know and see how you lack responsibility…

Please remind your “girlfriend” that if she continues to involve herself in matters that don’t concern her, mainly this one, she will only be hurting you in the long run! Forgery and tamping with the US Mail are felonies, and charges will be brought against her! She needs to put all her energies into her own life and putting THAT together…she doesn’t need to be sticking her nose elsewhere, she needs to clean up her own back yard!

On a different note, our daughter had a wonderful birthday! It was terrific to see her Aunt and Grandma…

Your daughter is growing into a very fun loving little girl and you’re missing out!

The choices you seem to make are more of a hinderance on you than helpful to you! You are the one that has to suffer the consequences.

I suggest you either call your attorney’s office if you don’t agree with this bill, or just pay it. You only have two choices. Patty. Copy sent to: Anthony’s attorney and his ex wife. “

Some parts were left our- think of it as redacted. 😉

Then wrote another letter to Anthony:

” Anthony,

This is my second request for Sarah’s (medical) card. My first request was in letter form sent to your place of employment due to mail receipt problems at your home, requesting the cards and also advising you that if you do not comply with my request, I would have to take our daughter to her Pediatrician since birth and you would be responsible for the bill.

You neglected to comply and we know what the outcome is now. If you are not giving up her (medical card) because you have doubts about paternity, might I suggest STRONGLY you have a paternity test done, of course you will have to pay for it.

I know who the father of my daughter is, YOU seem to have some confusion (even though she looks exactly like you,)

Please don’t hassle me on this matter or any other matter we have between us concerning our daughter. All I am requesting from you at this point is her medical card. Thank you. Patricia- Copy sent to Anthony’s attorney and his ex wife. “

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