Sent TWO Letters Today

1st Letter:
” Anthony, Once again your girlfriend decided to intervene into something that is quite frankly none of her business. She certainly has a way of doing this! She lied on the papers you sent to (ex wife) about her address. Is she your paralegal? …

If Coleen is going to involve herself in our situation, that’s just fine because she is just making it worse for you and better for me! If she insists on involving herself, I suggest you inform her that our daughter is covered under (medical plan)! In fact, I just took her last week to her new pediatrician.

Coleen is so threatened by our situation it’s hysterical!…I support our daughter as her mother, which is more than I can say for you as her father!…I pay taxes as well…

Anyway I just wanted to let you know what’s up with the bills. I almost look forward to getting them just to see what she’s going to write next! It’s fine though, like I said, she’s doing you more harm than good by doing this, not only with the paternity suit I have against you, but if you and (ex wife) end up going to court, with that case as well, so I’d suggest you “call the dog off” for awhile, (figure of speech, no offense Coleen!) Toodles, Patty”

2nd letter:

“Dear Anthony, I am once again requesting ALL insurance information and cards due our daughter. I have written to you in the past regarding this problem. I have confirmed with (Insurance) Administrators and (Insurance Plan) that she is covered. I know these two companies have sent you cards for not only our daughter but for your other two children as well as your ex. It’s quite a shame you have to act like a child when it comes to the welfare of your own children…Please do the adult thing and send (ex-wife) what’s hers and mine what’s Sarah’s, then there will be no reason to keep writing you! Thank you in advance for your cooperation, Patricia”

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