Spring- DENIED– After Christmas hassles- she did not contact me about Spring. She wrote on May 22, 1995, “I have the right to authorize visitation as I see fit…the divorce papers say* that visitation is up to me…”

Summer- given 2 weeks but took 3– and it was wrought with chaos for several days.

Winter-DENIED- after the Summer fiasco, the EX is taking Keith back to court. She REFUSED to discuss visitation. She had an attorney, Keith did not. Her attorney told Keith via his paralegal, that the ex refused to talk about visitation. According to her attorney, she was keeping the kids. She has taken 2 weeks off from work and was having out of town company coming. Keith offered to pay transportation cost to see the kids, EX said NO. Keith requested a parenting plans and visitation and she said it was unreasonable, she was not agreeable and there would be no discussing anything with him until after court. She just wanted an increase in support.

*The divorce papers she mentions are from November 1990, the final divorce papers. In these papers it states, “Petitioner shall have JOINT LEGAL and sole physical custody of the minor children subject to RESPONDENTS (Keith’s) right of reasonable visitation as MUTUALLY AGREED UPON with Petitioner.” It states NOWHERE what she says it does.

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