January 1996

This month started off like any other month lately. A letter from Ex wife #2. On page 4 of her letter dated January 5th, she wrote that my letter to her attorney (from December 12, regarding her harassing phone call to our house on December 10th) “was a joke.” She went on to tell Keith that her attorney will not be responding , that he is her attorney and she hired him for her protection and that he would do what is in her best interest. Perhaps telling her to STFU when it comes to me would be in order. 😉

In the next paragraph, she wrote that she lives in a small town, and the day that I called the children’s school, again, back in late November or early December, she was immediately notified. She wrote that I had no reason to inquire at their schools. The fact is, he works the same time District employees work, so he asked me to call to inquire as to whether he was listed in their files, because he wasn’t listed in their dental records either.

In one particular paragraph, she wrote, “If my requests for child support and child care seem unreasonable or too burdensome for your new life. My husband (his name) has offered many times to adopt (son’s name) and (daughter’s name) as his own to avoid the hardship you must feel in providing for your children. It’s obvious they cause you some sadness in being so far apart. They love you dearly…They are not babies any longer and they understand the grief I’ve gone through just to find a middle ground…I know we can meet in the middle without outside interference…”

Keith was very upset with her mentioning having her husband adopt the kids. He would never EVER agree to that.

On January 12th, she sent him another letter. Well, it was something, a “statement” she called it. She wrote, (and who knows if she’s actually sent it) but it was to whomever saying “I, (Her name) as the mother of (her son) and (her daughter) with court ordered custody, hereby notify the recipient of this statement that I do not consent for Patricia (my maiden name), or any other unauthorized person to obtain information regarding my son (his name) and my daughter (her name). Furthermore any person who releases unauthorized information could be subject to legal action regarding this matter.” and she signed her name.

Two days letter, she wrote another letter to Keith. She dated it January 14th, and the postmark is stamped Jan. 16. The second page of this 6 page letter, she wrote that the kids “do not like Patricia (maiden name) and do not to visit with her.”

On page 4, she addressed the fact that Keith’s name had been omitted from the kids medical/dental/day care records and wrote, “you do not have authorization to pick them up from either the school or the day care provider. The day care provider has been given your name and necessary information in case of an emergency.” Still hung up on the fact that I called the kids school, she wrote to Keith that “Your participation with the children’s schooling does not mean having someone who is not authorized call the school for information.”

Pages 5 and 6 she continued, ” All medical and dental offices where the children are seen will be provided with the statement I mailed to you January 12, 1996, stating that only authorized persons will be able to obtain information regarding (sons name) and (daughters name). I phoned both my orthodontist and dentist on January 9th, only to find out that your girlfriend had called both the dentist and orthodontist inquiring on some information on the children.” More than likely I had called for the status of claims that were outstanding, pending.

In the current child support order, Keith was ordered to pay $100 towards child care cost. You know what his ex did? She got a $100 from her Monopoly game and wrote the child care providers name, address and phone number on it. Isn’t that cute?

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