June 1996

I swear, for wanting me to “Butt out,” she sure keeps dragging me in and “Tattling” on me to Keith, as if he didn’t know what was going on. I did what he would ask me to do. One of the things was to keep track of medical expenses for the kids.

That meant I would have to call her husband’s insurance asking for status of claims. So she wrote Keith on June 6th telling him that she was “made aware” of phone calls from me to her husband’s insurance, “recently.” She also told him that she was notified of a claim in 1994 that was finally submitted by me, on May 9th, 1996. Actually it was probably a claim that was not processed correctly. It was either denied, pended or paid. In this case, the claim was perhaps pended, waiting for other information. More than likely something SHE should have taken care of on her end, but didn’t.

She never used the insurance probably. The way it goes, was all claims/bills were to go through Keith’s insurance first, then eob’s were to go to her husband’s insurance, then her’s after they separated and divorced. That’s another story. I digress.

ANYWAY, she again accused us of trying to “obtain information about” their medical insurance or calling to inquire on payments is an invasion of privacy. WRONG. Calling on the status of the claims for her kids, when there is a court order for him to pay half of uncovered medical/dental expenses, is NOT an invasion of privacy.

Another thing that struck us was that she fought so hard for Keith to contribute to child care, back in 1995, and in December, she was awarded $100 per month. By this time, this letter, June 6th, she was already telling Keith that “when the kids aren’t at daycare” she will be reimbursing him the child care funds taken from his check after his check arrives.

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