June 23, 1996

Around 9pm, for some reason, the EX had the kids call Keith, person to person collect. REALLY? INSANE! WHO does THAT!?

ANYWAY, SHE does, that’s who. Keith’s friend who lived with us accepted the charge. Keith spoke to the kids for about 20-25 minutes.

After he hung up with the kids, he told me that he could hear his ex in the background, badgering the kids. He said at one point he heard her ask their daughter who she was talking to and if she knew “Patricia called there on Fathers Day.” Keith said his daughter said she didn’t know. Keith asked if it was a problem and said his daughter told him she didn’t know if it was or why it seemed to be a problem. Keith was upset that not only his ex had the kids call person to person collect for no reason, but also at the fact that she hung around them while he tried to talk to them, badgering them about things that could wait until they got off the phone with him.

In a letter from the EX dated June 27th, she wrote, “I won’t ask for any money outside the child support I receive by way of garnishment. I thought as their father you might want to help them out periodically with extras. I let them know that is not the case…. I thought as part of their lives you might want to participate with the ritual of getting ready for school.” He was also denied Summer visitation.

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