Call from Her Husband

Keith had sent a reimbursement of medical expenses addressed to the ex’s husband. He figured it was his insurance so he owes him. Her husband called earlier to talk to Keith about it, ask him about it, etc. Why?

The letter Keith attached was pretty self explanatory, but I guess it wasn’t clear enough.

The ex complains Keith has never paid for his share of medical expenses, even though SHE never sent him copies of bills. SHE thought she could just tell him what he owed and that’s it. SHE never sent him copies of the EOB’s from her or her husbands insurance company. Hell, she rarely if ever used Keith’s insurance. Now it makes sense why she wanted ” all unassigned benefits” sent to her in regards to their kids (see April 22 and 25, 1996 post). Nope, not how that works.

BTW, the ex signed for letter. Keith had sent it Return Receipt Requested.

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