My letter to J regarding a gift for L.

” HI J, Just writing to tell you that when we purchased L’s walkman for her birthday, we also got a 1 year replacement plan for it, should something happen to it.

I just received the agreement about a week ago, and there was a problem with the coverage period, so I contact the corporation and had them correct it.

I also had the agreement transferred to your name. You should receive a copy of the agreement within 10 working days from today.

Between June 14, 1996 and Sept. 13, 1996- any problems should be directed to the manufacturer-Sony- 800-***-**** model # *******.

Between Sept 14, 1996 and Sept 14, 1997, any problems should be directed to New Electronics Warranty Corporation 800-***-****. All the rest of the information you will need will be on the agreement (#***********) that is being sent to you. Sincerely, Patricia (last name)”

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