Visitation 1996

Spring- GOT KIDS for the week, 3/30-4/7

SUMMER-DENIED- We had to move to do the owners of house we were renting was being sold. On August 16th, Keith requested the kids for a week from August 24-August 31. EX said she would have to think about it. She had already stated that he could have the kids from August 11th-30th. On August 20th EX called and said he can’t have the kids. She told Keith, “There is always Christmas” Keith said, “Whatever you say, (her name). I’ll talk to you later” and he hung up. * EX says that Keith could not afford to take the kids because he moved. Seems her understanding of the FACTS is skewed. She DENIED HIM.

*On July 31st, ex’s husband called Keith and told him that if he, Keith, ever wanted to know anything about the kids, to call and talk to him instead of fighting with (ex’s name). Her husband told Keith, that he would tell Keith anything he wants to know, if they want to visit, don’t want to, stay 2 days with him, stay a year or two, he will tell Keith straight up what is going on, he won’t bullshit him.

WINTER-DENIED- on 10/29, EX called Keith asking him to split airfare 3 ways and to split his visitation time with her mother. One week with him, one week with her mother. He asked her if she could purchase the airfare and he would reimburse her and she said she would have to think about it. on 11/19 Keith called ex to see if she decided to help him out and pay for airfare and he would pay her back. She said she hasn’t decided yet. On 11/24 she said no. *EX says that Keith cancelled at Thanksgiving due to not being able to afford cost of transportation. Again, seems her understanding of the FACTS is skewed. 11/24 wasn’t Thanksgiving and SHE said NO to helping him. SHE DENIED HIM.

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