So the ex wrote another letter to Keith dated 2/23/1997, post marked 2/26/1997. He got it today. More bs, more lies about visitation, more petty crap, but ONE thing she did mention was some phone calls ” the weekend before Thanksgiving” between us.

She wrote, “After several phone calls on this day with both you and Patricia it ended up with Patricia calling me to tell me to make arrangements (for visitation) and how you made her mad because you always wait until the last minute for these things. And better yet was the telephone call from her stating that she was pregnant and you had just threatened to kick her butt and she was lucky she was pregnant so you couldn’t hit her. She was very upset and she stated you were very mad too. In fact she said she would be packing her things to move out the next day.” SAY WHAT? LOL….I can say that NEVER happened. What a wild imagination this woman has.

I believe that what a person accuses another of doing, they are doing themselves.

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