“HI J-

Let’s see- has it been 3 weeks since my last note? No, according to my records it’s only been 1 week!! SURPRISE!! Boy, Christmas comes all throughout the year for you! Lucky Lady!

Since your harassing phone call to me on the 14th, that ranged from EOB’s to Easter 1990 when you saw Keith at his mom’s house with “another woman” (OH MY GOSH!!) I thought I would send you a copy of the only thing we have received from the hospital.

I have forwarded a copy of the EOB to the hospital so they can send it to your insurance company. The hospital does not send out itemized bills to R/P’s.

DO NOT call Keith or myself to yell or complain about anything again-

First of all- I am 9 months pregnant, due any day, and don’t need it and secondly, it is unnecessary- every letter I send or Keith send for that matter is self explanatory!!

Just sit back, chill, wait for YOUR eob forward a copy to us and that’s it!!

By the way,- the accusation that we are invading your privacy is completely a joke!! I have found copies of EOB’s where YOU have neglected to black out this information yourself!! Not only this, but you even gave N the insurance card which had all but the social security #, so…. PLEASE, try to remember things you do and say.

Lastly, about Keith “never sending you a penny.” ANOTHER joke!! This must be your claim to fame!! Every chance you get you tell everyone this lie- talk about having things slap you in the face!!

I hate to tell you- but we have proof your allegation is wrong!! Cancelled checks from 1989, letters f rom you thanking him for sending you money not only “regularly”, but “on time” as well!! ( all the while working and going on welfare and not doing what Welfare wanted you to do!) UH OH!!

The said thing is- you wrote he has never paid you and you have been forced to pay all medical for the kids!! You declared this under penalty of perjury!!

So don’t ever accuse us of invading your privacy, especially when you gave it yourself and don’t ever accuse Keith of never giving you a penny!!

Slander against either one of us or in this case both of us, is a matter of the courts to handle.

Have a great day!!


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