Home from the Hospital

Keith called J and the kids tonight at 8:00 pm

I spoke to J for 45 (long) minutes. It was a rather pleasant phone conversation, I was shocked. We talked about every thing new born, breast feeding, how to place his little penis in his diaper so he doesn’t get his clothes all went when he pees, I told thanks for that tip, LOL.

We talked about so much, how Keith WAS there, and that he and Sarah stayed in the room with me after I had the baby, complications before I had the baby, a reaction to pain and numbing meds they gave me, how we were all surprised I had a boy when I was told “70% chance girl.”

J- here I was thinking that whole thing to, I was thinking, cool, 2 girls, that’s kinda nice and that whole time and them, um, and then when (SD and SS) said that (boy)I’m all DANG IT! I’m all, I bet that was a surprise! They told me that with (SD) too, I wanted another boy, because I like little boys and I was already used to one. I just wasn’t in the mood to be having a little girl, now, I’m like there’s no way…

It was also during this conversation that Sarah’s biological dad came up. J told me that Sarah was lucky to have Keith there for her. I told her that Keith is the only dad she’s known, that her bio dad doesn’t know her, never sees her, he’s got addiction issues and that there are criminal charges filed against him for non payment of child support in the amount of $10,000. J said that’s too bad, but he still is her Dad. We talked about Sarah thinking everything is her’s, at almost 4 years old. J said, “That letter you wrote (SD) said she’s in Preschool, that will teach her how to share.”

We also spoke about how Keith and I talked about celebrating all the kids birthdays when we get them in the summer, since we have May, July, August and September. She seems to like that idea.

I told her we were planning in getting the tickets Friday, the day after tomorrow, that it’s $203/person, it had gone up as it was was $163/person.

She let me know that she takes her lunch at 12, for an hour ,but she’s been coming back at 12:30, to call then or anytime in the day, and we will go from there about travel arrangements.

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