Here We Go Again….

J called at 7:40 pm. She was pissed. Pissed that he credited the wire fees, ($20) and the Person to Person collect call she made the kids do of $9.11 toward money that he owed her. She told Keith a few days ago that she wasn’t going to pay 1/2 of medical bills incurred on behalf of their son. He wrote a letter to her. She got it today apparently.

She brought me up, asking Keith:

J- got your letter, very petty. did you write this letter?

K- yeah, I did.

J- you wrote all these figures and figured all this out?

K- that’s right.

J- you typed it

K- I didn’t type it, I wrote it.

J- did Patricia type it?

K- yes she did

J- did they see her?

K- no they didn’t. I’M BROKE.

J- you know what? if your wife would spend as much time trying to get me to do this and to try and compile this information as she would on a job, you wouldn’t have this problem! It’s not my problem that you don’t have a second income and that you had another baby!

K- I never said it was

J- or that you’re supporting another kid that’s not yours, that’s not my fault! If you want to talk about just you by yourself and your income and you supporting your two kids, we’ll talk about it.

(He did say he was broke, right?) Then she thought I was on the phone… she continued to berate Keith:


K- excuse me?


K- There ain’t nobody on the phone


K- There’s nobody on the phone so get off your rag!

She alleges he sent her a derogatory letter between 7/14 and 7/18. The kids are here visiting, mind you. She tells Keith:

J- I wasn’t going to call your house the entire time the kids were there because I don’t want to hassle you when you’re visiting your kids so I wasn’t calling you- I’m not hassling you!

K- you’ve been hassling me since we got on the phone!

J- The letter comes because I didn’t call you back and tell you about the money, so you decided to have your little secretary sit down and write it all out for you.

J- I wrote it out.


K- bullshit


K- I don’t care if you think it is or isn’t.

J- THIS ISN’T YOUR HANDWRITING! I hope you’re showing the kids that they’re equally as important as your new life!

K- excuse me, what?

J- I hope you’re showing the kids that they’re equally as important as your new life, that it’s breaking you with no money, that new life is breaking you!

THEN, she was beyond pissed and started talking MAJOR smack, insisting that Keith tells his kids how horrible she is, what a horrible person she is with no heart.

Keith told her she is that way TO HIM and OTHERS LIKE HIM, but he NEVER tells the kids anything.

She continued to rage to TELL the kids what a horrible mother she is. He told her, “I have NEVER done that, and I NEVER will do that. That’s between you and me”

She accused him and I of having conversations about her in front of the kids. He DENIED this, again saying he never has and he never will, he’s not that type of person, that he never has told the kids about his feelings about her and he never will, that it’s between him and her.

He tells her:

K- I kick myself in the ass all the time. I’m glad for (SS and SD) but I knew right from the start there was something wrong with you, you really do.

J- you told me you thought there was some kind of mental thing going and you knew something was wrong with me from the beginning

K- you told me there was.

J- when?

K- many times. You’ve had something against me that you cannot let go and you just have to keep pushing me- and then you make it sound like I’m doing it to you!

J- Well, you what, if you thought it was so bad,7 years of being together Keith I think you should have made a decision before it got that far.

K- Well, I’ll tell you what, I thought it was going to be a good deal

J- Just like you thought it was going to be a good deal with (ex #3), just like you think it’s going to be a good deal with Patricia.

K- ya, I know, it’s me, and it probably is, I bring the best out in everyone

J- I haven’t been married 4 times!

K- well, throw that on me, what else? What about all the boyfriends you had while we were married?

J denied this.

K- I’m not going to get into it, it will just raise my blood pressure and it’s not worth it.

J demanded to speak to her kids. She was crying by this time, and Keith asked if she was ok. She got angry and said that she doesn’t pretend with her kids, she’s not ashamed of her, the kids will figure it out- they know what’s going on-“THEY AREN’T STUPID!” Keith said, “I never said they were, I was concerned about you and thought you ay need a MINUTE” She belts out, “NO, I DON’T NEED A MINUTE!” he went and got the kids and she goes on to say, before the kids got on the phone, “I NEED A FUCKING LIFETIME BACK!”

WHEW, not only did she try and gaslight him, but she also doesn’t hear when correctly when she is in this RAGE state of mind.

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