Diversion and Order

Things happen and I have no idea about it, LOL.

Apparently the DA took Anthony to court. On 10-30-1997, Anthony signed this order that states he has to Obey all laws, pay support, pay child support arrears, pay by wage assignment, pay to the Office of the Court Trustee, Notify the DA bureau of Family Support of any changes in employment or residence within 5 days of such change, notification is to be made in person or by certified or registered mail. He has to go back to court on 10-14-98 for a progress report and dismissal. The Bond is waived, he has to pay $100 diversion restitution fee to Penal Code Section 1001.90, and he has to pay remaining arrears at approximately $340- prior to end of diversion period, that lastly, the People to apply for release of his driver’s license.

I received a copy of this order today, 12/17/97.

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