Christmas Blowout

Kids got here on Dec. 20th. We Called Keith’s dad earlier today to wish him a Merry Christmas. Up until then, we were having a good day, a great visit.

Everyone spoke to Grandpa except SD. After Sarah had spoken to him, she asked, “Do you want to talk to (SD)?” (SD) was whispering, “NO, No, NO!” and Keith told her to talk to him and wish him a Merry Christmas. She did, finally.

Afterwards, Keith asked her why she didn’t want to speak to her grandpa, and at first she said she didn’t know. Keith told her to think about why. She went to sit in the front room, then she got up and locked herself in the bathroom. She was crying. We all tried to get her out of the bathroom. I didn’t yell at her ever and Keith didn’t yell at her until SD told him, “You don’t care about us!” She also wanted to know why she had to talk to people she didn’t know. Keith had no idea what she meant. (SD) then asked “why do you buy STUPID SARAH everything? I didn’t want to talk to STUPID GRANDPA!”

When I tried to get her out of the bathroom, she said she didn’t want to talk to Grandpa because she hadn’t gotten his presents. While Sarah was talking to Grandpa, (SD) told her to ask Grandpa where their gifts were and I told Sarah NOT to ask him that. (SD) also told us that they are at home and Keith isn’t around (SS) always says “Stupid Sarah” and I asked (SS) if that was right and he said only when she is being bratty her calls her a brat but never says “Stupid.”

AS this is going on, Keith literally had to take the bathroom door off it’s hinges, before (SD) unlocked it.

(SD) said she was going to call her mother, and tell her she wanted to go home, NOW. She did just that.

As (SD) was speaking to her mother, I went to talk to (SS) and told him that I know Sarah, who is 4, could be a brat, I live with her, so I KNOW, but she is only 4 and she’s not a brat all the time. He gave me a hug and cried, after he cried with Keith. (SS) told me that he agreed (SD) shouldn’t have acted the way she did. He understood that there was nothing wrong with calling someone (grandpa) and wishing them a Merry Christmas without receiving gifts.

J also spoke to (SS) and Keith, and BOTH told her we didn’t yell at her. At one point, J told Keith, “You are her father and Patricia is NOT her mother, and I would appreciate if it you would not have Patricia yell at her!” Keith said, “She didn’t.”

(SD) calmed down as the day went on and was back to her old self again, joking with everyone, but for me, It was all too much. My feelings were deeply hurt, and I will admit, I didn’t have much to say the rest of the day/evening. I was entitled to feel what I was feeling, and not wanting to interact with them. Keith understood. He felt the same, but they are his kids. I can hang out and have fun with my two, in fact, I shared my two with my (SS) and (SD), so they can spend time with them and their dad too.

Merry Christmas- Hope yours was GREAT!

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