New Year, New Letter

I sent this to J on 1-7-98:

“Hi J-

Hope you had a great birthday! I called our insurance company to verify coverage only to find out we are not showing up in the system as of yet.

Both (insurance Co’s) advised me to send you a copy of our enrollment form so that when you take the kids to the doctors, you can show your providers the form as proof of eligibility.

When I get the information from (insurance) of course I’ll let you know. I will also keep you posted on the status, but things should be fine by showing the form.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, we are in the same boat! FORTUNATEL, WE have NOTHING to do with the hold up!! We just want it cleared up soon!!

This letter is not sent maliciously or meant to get you upset. I am just keeping you posted on the insurance.

Have a great week! Sincerely- Patricia”

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