January 24, 1998

Letter from the ex (he received 1/29/98) she wrote: “Letter dated January 7, 1998 from Patricia states the following, “I called our insurance company to verify coverage only to find out were are not showing up in the system as of yet. Both (insurance companies) advised me to send you a copy of the enrollment form so that when you take the kids to the doctor you can show your providers the form as proof of eligibility. Things should be find showing the form. Letter dated January 20, 1998 from Patricia states the following” I hope you haven’t experienced too much trouble with the medical end.”

Yep, that’s what I wrote her.

Then she commented ” Is your theory on being stepparents your own, because (their kids) would disagree they answer to only one set of parents? They respect (her husband) because he has been there for them on more than one occasion. And because that respect has been given and earned between them. It has nothing to do with you marry. Respect is earned not just given.”

HER disrespect to both Keith and I play a MAJOR roll in how the kids treat us.

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