March 16th 1998

This letter was postmarked 3/17/1998. He received it on 3/20/98.

Keith was not agreeable to the visitations she set. They live 1200 miles away and the visitation schedule was peanuts.

In this latest letter she wrote, “Summer vacation 4 weeks from July 11- August 8th, 1998. If there is a problem with this as you stated in your letter please take me to court and let a third party decide. (The kids) do not want to stay at home every day with Patricia and the babies while you are at work. They kids want to spend their visitation with you not sitting at home while you work. Winter- December 26 to January 2nd- if you persist with your non agreement, the only other alternative is not to go at all. Weekends and in state visitations I offered one week in June because the kids like to visit you in shorter intervals and that was their request. This expense is not an issue with me as it is with you.”

Keith took her at her word. He decided to take her to court and let a third party decide the visitation.

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