Thanked Him

After receiving the Health Plan information from Anthony, I wrote him a letter.

I explained that in order to get the maximum benefits from his insurance and in order to keep the out of pocket expenses down, I will need a copy of the Preferred Provider directory and an Explanation of Benefits booklet.

I told him that if there is an out of pocket expense, he can pay me, or he can send payment directly to the provider we use, that it was his choice.

I went on to say that although it isn’t ideal, it is understood that the least amount he has to deal with me, the easier and better it is for him and that is fine, I have no problem with it.

I told him it’s hard enough for kids to grow up these days dealing with peer pressure, drug abuse, violence, etc. and compounding this with parents who can’t get along, can be nothing but detrimental. I went on to say that I am sure that although he has no desire to meet our daughter, he doesn’t want her hurt or for anything bad to happen to her.

I thanked him again and asked him to please look into getting the information to me that I requested. I told him to take care of himself and God bless him and his family.

By this time, he hasn’t seen our daughter, or made any effort to, since she was 10 months old. Prior to THAT, it was when he was almost 7 months old, and she will be 4 this year.

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