It’s SD’s birthday, and I called to wish her a Happy Birthday.

Later on, J called to discuss with Keith tickets/airfare for summer visitation. She told him that her ATTORNEY told her to call and ask him if he wants to split airfare 3 ways to include her m other.

K- see what you could find out about airfare

J- No, why don’t you have Patricia call a travel agent and she’ll let the travel agent call for her.

K- we can do that too

J- whatever, but you want to split it 3 ways or not?

K- um, sure.

Between 8:50pm and 9:05pm, calls were placed back and forth.

J called.

K- I can’t do this 3 way thing.

J- Well, then I can’t do middle of the week

K- whatever.

K- hung up

J called back immediately.

J- why did you hang up?

K- I already told you no 3 way thing. I don’t want to do it.

J- why don’t you? Put Pat on the phone- let Pat talk to me!

K- she’s busy- call her later, she’s in the bathroom,

J- let her talk to me about it because she’s the one pulling the strings here-

K- I don’t think so

J-Well I do!

K- Well I don’t think so

J- (inaudible)

K- I don’t think so, not right now, some other time.

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