Under the Guise of…

The ex called at 7:13 am this morning. She called under the guise of a check she sent to Keith that she failed to realize 12 days earlier she hadn’t gotten the support check. She told me she was stopping payment on said check she allegedly sent, blah blah blah. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about and preferred she spoke to Keith. She went onto say it was for the wrong amount, wrong thing and will send another one.

7:03pm- Ex called for Keith. She hung up because apparently he took too long to get to the phone.

7:09pm- Ex called again, asked Keith if he had gotten the envelope with the check ($446.00) He told her no.

7:17 pm- ex called again. Told Keith she should have sent the check sooner, she just wanted to apologize she’s sure he could have used the money sooner. THEN…

She goes on to the real reason she called, to tattle on me. She asked him if he was aware that I called an old babysitter of hers yesterday. She totally divulged the babysitter’s medical issues and how she probably doesn’t even remember who her kids are. She said the woman’s husband came into her work VERY upset, that I had called.

She said, “It’s embarrassing Keith, I live in a very small town- (24, 009 population)- everybody knows everybody. I’m very embarrassed to have people constantly come up to me and ask me about Patricia (my last name) and “why is she calling me.” The kids are embarrassed by it. It’s not a cool thing to be doing.”

Keith knew, but he just listened to her, acting like he didn’t. LOL.

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