Court Date Part 2

This is what Keith gets THIS time:

Parties to share equally in uncovered medical, dental , orthodontia, psychological and vision care costs, Both parties to have unlimited but reasonable phone calls and mailings to the children, neither party to interfere. Parties to share equally in the visitation transpo/rtation costs. JLC; Primary custody with his ex visitation to Keith for 5 weeks during the summer commencing 1999, 1998 visitation is 7/16 – 8/14, 2 weeks at Christmas in alternating years, commencing 1999; alternating Easter commencing 2000. If EX exercises her Easter/Spring break in her years, Keith will have additional week in summer for a total of 6 weeks in summer. Ex to notify Keith 45 days before her Easter as to her plans to exercise her right or not. Keith is to notify his ex of summer vacation on or before 4/1 of each year. Keith to pay $700/mo in support.(down from $800) and EX was to give 30 days written notice of non emergency medical care.

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