November 1, 1998

This letter was postmarked 11/2/1998 and it was received at our home on 11/5/1998.

It is AMAZING how she twists things around. Isn’t that what narcissists do? Is “twist” a strong enough word for what they do? She’s a pro, but she’s not dealing with idiots. She contradicts herself in her own letters, and in conversations on the phone, etc.

SO, during the summer, I was actually amazed at how my 14 year old spoke to his dad, with such disrespect. The apple doesn’t fall from the tree, the kids live what they learn. Having said that, as I heard my stepson talk to his dad in the way that he did, I casually told my stepson that, WOW, had I spoken to my parents the way he spoke to his dad, I would have gotten my face slapped. It was just something that wasn’t allowed in my house. I was, quite frankly shocked at my stepson’s tone. WHY did the EX tell Keith that her son told her that I told him “he should have his mouth slapped because of his smart mouth.” She asked, “Is this appropriate?” Well, I didn’t say that, LOL. Nice try at spinning though. Then she went on to say, “how about Pat telling the kids if they had not told me about not having enough seatbelts in the cars for all the kids and yourselves then you would not have to take separate cars to go places as a family.” It wasn’t ME that said that, LOL. I was fine with taking two cars. I preferred it. She said, “I don’t know about what your family means to you but I want to protect my kids from harm as much as possible.” Or really? Hmmm, I distinctly remember the summer of 1995, when she literally, burned rubber down our street in the car with her kids, her own stepson and her husband, because she was pissed off at Keith, but I digress. She continued, “If you don’t care about them wearing seatbelts then let Sara and Thomas ride without seatbelts.”

One funny thing she mentioned was how at the end of their summer visitation, he had the kids ready for her to pick them up. She called him on August 13th, and said she would be at our home between 130pm and 230pm “no later” and to “please be sure that you guys are there at least between 1 and 230 so that I can pick them up and that they’re ready to go…” He did as she asked, but in this letter, she wrote, “Or what about the fact that when I went to pickup the kids you had their bags packed sitting on the tailgate of truck. Were you throwing them out? you made them feel like it.” NO, he did as you asked, LOL.

Can’t make this stuff up.

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