November 10, 1998

I always mention the postmark date of her letters is because it makes me wonder just HOW important she thinks her letters are. Does she write her letters, then wait a few days to calm down before mailing them? This letter was postmarked 11/12/1998. It was received at our home on 11/16/1998.

She wrote him to tell him that I called her husband’s insurance company on 11/6/1998 and used her husband’s social security number to gain access to their medical information and then she accused me of telling the rep that I was her kids “mother.”

Did I call her insurance? Yep, for the status of claims for my step kids. It’s neither illegal, fraudulent or an invasion of privacy. Did I say I was their mother? Nope. Never have, would never want to.

It always makes me laugh when she “tattles” on me, as if Keith has no idea of anything. LOL.

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